College Bracket Challenge

College Bracket pools make watching the tourney even more exciting! It seems everyone scores their bracket pool differently. Our Bracket Challenge is incredibly flexible allowing you to specify the scoring option of your choice. When you create a pool, you'll be able to specify points for a win in each round AND you'll be able to use our 'bonus point' system to make things even more interesting. You can assign bonuses for picking underdogs and you can assign a bonus based on the winning teams seed. Setup is done in one easy step!
Key Features
  • Bracket entry form for easy pick entry
  • Multiple scoring options:
    • Custom round weights for EACH round
    • Seed Bonus Option - add or multiply the seed of the winning team for correct picks
    • Underdog Bonus Option - add the seed difference when the picked team wins and is an underdog
  • Championship total points can optionally be used as a tie-break
  • Multiple pick sheets for each player if desired
  • Printable bracket pick sheets
  • Standings page shows each players remaining Final Four teams

Setup is quick and easy!

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